I actually have more experience than I would like navigating unemployment. A long career in media will fortify you when facing the ups and downs of this industry, but each job loss (especially one so public and brutal) comes with its own adjustment period.

I’m not ready to go into more detail about USA TODAY—if you’re here for industry gossip, I’ve said all I need to say for now.

Unemployment has a lot of challenges—money, lack of purpose, loss of identity, money again—but the challenge now is dealing with the stillness of not having a job.

The pace in this…

I am no longer employed at USA TODAY, a company that was my work home for almost eight years.

Over eight years, I rose from a social media editor to a writer to a columnist and finally the Sports Media Group’s Race and Inclusion editor. I was committed to USA TODAY and my subsection, For The Win, dedicating nights and weekends to building traffic, breaking stories and pushing for equitable coverage of marginalized communities. The job was the most fulfilling adventure of my life and my team at For The Win remain like family.

On Monday night, I sent a…

Mom, old school.

In a long year of grieving, there are a lot of stories about my mom that pass through my mind, but there’s a particular one that I keep going back to, an anecdote that sticks in my mind.

A few years ago, sometime during the middle of the day, my mom was upstairs in the kitchen and heard a furious banging on the back door.

Running down the stairs, probably panicked and scared, she saw the back door rattling and heard raised voices outside, like someone was trying to force their way in.

Without thinking, she pushed herself up against…

About two weeks ago, when word about my mom’s heart attack got out, many of you bought one-way tickets to LA to be at her side. So many of you dropped your lives, your families and your jobs for a remarkable woman in her time of need.

The outpouring of support we've received during this difficult time has been an incredible testament to the way my mom lived her life, with a heart and a home that was always open to everyone.

She was a beloved wife, mother, sister, aunt and friend whose absence will always be felt in our…

We are waiting.

That’s what they tell us to do. The cardiac specialist, the neurologist, the CCR primary care doctor, the nurses.

It’s all the same refrain.

Wait and see if she opens her eyes.

I’ve been at my mom’s bedside before. Several times in fact, and in lots of inconvenient situations. She’s had issues with her legs, with her veins, with her blood pressure and we’ve sat through more than one panicked visit to the ER. But, it’s never been her heart. And it’s never been this serious.

And each time we left, it felt like an escape. I…

Hemal Jhaveri

Writer, editor.

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